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Purpose Of Existence Through Our Capacities And Talents

A seed can be used in different ways; however, its purpose of existence is fulfilled only when it is allowed to grow into a tree manifesting its inner essence. Similarly, our life also can be made use of in several ways, but the real fulfillment comes when what is inside is given outward expression.

There are many talents and capacities in us. Through different activities and practices we must try to express these things and also encourage others to do so. This will give a sense of fulfillment. If the talents and capacities are blocked or suppressed due to various social and individual factors, then there is the likelihood of plummeting into some nervous disorder.

We have to give expression to our love and charity. In this regard, service activities are important. Small children possess these virtues. In course of time they learn to become selfish, thanks to the influence of parents and social pressure. Many suffer throughout their lives, always expecting love and sympathy from others, and not being satisfied by any amount of love and sympathy extended towards them. The solution to this problem is not expectation but expression.

Source - The Psychological Aspects of Spiritual Life by Swami Nityasthananda – March 2016 issue of Prabuddha Bharata.