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Ozhaloor Paderi Illam Kuttichathan Temple – Thira Festival

Ozhaloor Paderi Illam Kuttichathan temple is located at Cherukulathoor on the banks of Cherupuzha in Kozhikode district, Kerala. This is a unique shrine with a history of more than 450 years. The deity worshipped in the temple is Kuttichathan. The popular belief is that this divine form grants the wishes of the devotees.

The temple is famous for its annual Thira festival observed in Makaram month. In the Thira festival, the person who adorns the theyyam is believed to be possessed by God of the particular temple or deity he adorns.

Some of the important Thira during the festival at Ozhaloor Paderi Illam Kuttichathan temple are Kariyathan Vellattu, Bhagavathy Vellattu, Kariyathan Thira, Pookootti Thira, Karingkootti Thira, Uccha Kuttichathan Thira, Para Kuttichathan Thira.

Various Thira are performed to the accompaniment of melam – Kerala traditional drums.