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Osho Quotes on Mind - Happiness - Truth - Silence - Merger and More

A collection of quotes of Osho on mind, purity, philosophy, truth, courage, silence, merger and happiness. The thoughts are from books, speeches, newspapers and online.

Osho Quotes on Mind

A man who is spiritual has tremendous experiences but he never accumulates them. Once they have happened he forgets about them. He is finished with them and he moves away from them. He is always available for the new, he never carries the old.

If you don't carry the old you will find life absolutely new at each step. Life is new, only the mind is old; and if you look through the mind, life also looks like a repetition, a bore.

Mind means your past, accumulated experiences, knowledge and everything. Mind means that through which you have passed, but which you are still hanging on to. Mind is a hangover, dust from the past covering your mirror-like consciousness. Then when you look through it everything becomes distorted.


Purity simply means an uncontaminated state of mind, where only your consciousness is and nothing else. Nothing else really enters into your consciousness, but if you hanker to possess, that hankering contaminates you. If you don't want to possess anything, you become fearless. Then even death is a beautiful experience.


Philosophy is a disease and not an ordinary one either. It’s not a common cold. It is cancer- Cancer of the soul. Once a person is lost in the jungle of philosophy he becomes more and more entangled in words, concepts, abstractions and there is no end to it. One can go on and on for lives together.


Truth is simple. Very simple – so simple that a child can understand it. In fact, so simple that only a child can understand it. Unless you become a child again you will not be able to understand it. It is an experience, not speculation.

Silence and Merger

Two lovers can sit silently with each other, and the silence can become the merger. Really only lovers can sit silently.

Wives and husbands cannot sit silently, because silence becomes boredom. So they go on talking about something or other. Even nonsense, rubbish, rot they go on talking just to avoid the other. Their talk is to avoid the other, because if there is no talk the other’s presence will be felt and the other’s presence is boredom.

Lovers never like to chatter. Whenever lovers are together they will remain silent, because in silence, merging is possible.


Human beings can be tremendously happy and tremendously unhappy – and they are free to choose. This freedom is hazardous, this freedom is very dangerous because you become responsible.

Happiness happens when you fit with your life, when you fit so harmoniously that whatsoever you are doing is your joy.

We have been distracted into unnatural preoccupations: money, prestige, power. Listening to the birds is not going to give you money. Watching a butterfly is not going to help you economically, politically, socially. These things are not profitable – but these things make you happy.

A real human being takes the courage to move with things that make him happy.

Osho on Courage

You cannot be truthful if you are not courageous.
You cannot be loving if you are not courageous.
You cannot be trusting if you are not courageous.
You cannot inquire into reality if you are not courageous.
Hence courage comes first and everything else follows.