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Mukti Lakshmi – Goddess of Salvation In Hinduism

You might never come across temples dedicated to Mukti Lakshmi because she is not associated with materialistic wealth. She is the goddess of salvation in Hinduism. People usually see Her in dream.

She visits people who intensely wish for salvation. She is always with devotees who have no ulterior motive. She is with people who have no agenda of self-aggrandisement or one-upmanship.

The concept of Mukti Lakshmi is very hard to understand to those who have some degree a sense of impoverishment or entitlement. She is always around people who who needs and wants nothing.

She can be seen around devotees who always wishes good to all. She likes people who rejoices in the good of others and reaches out to those in pain with a heart as wide as the ocean. She blesses such people with moksha or liberation.

Mukti is the ultimate goal of all living beings. Mukti Lakshmi reaches out to us when we are ready to accept liberation.