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Kunnathoor Devi Temple – Festival

Kunnathoor Devi temple is located at is situated at Kuttemperoor, Mannar, Alappuzha district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathy – Devi. The sankalpam of Goddess here is that of Vana Durga. The annual festival is held on Medam 1 in the Padhathi form of festival.

The annual festival is noted for Sri Bhoota Bali, Vilakku, Ezhunnallathu, Navakam and Kalasa pujas.

The Devi goes to different houses in the region on Jeevatha (Ezhunnallathu) for Parayeduppu. People offer grains to the Goddess on the day.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Shiva, Vishnu Bhagavan, Ganapathy, Nagasl, Navagrahas, Yakshi and Moorthi.

Tirali or sweet (prepared using rice flour, coconut and jaggery) is an important vazhipadu in the temple.

Punar Prathista on Aswathy nakshatra in Kumbham month, Saptaha Yanjam and Abhvritha Snanam, Navaha Yajnam, Noottiyonnu Kalam on last Friday of Makara Masam, Ramayana Masam, Ayilyam pooja in Kanni, Thula and Kumbha masam are some of the important rituals in the temple.

Ashtami Thozhal on the eighth day after full moon in Vrischika masam is observed with Ashtami Pooja, Vilakku with Nirmalya Pooja. Shivratri is another important festival in the temple.

Navratri is observed with Vidyarambham. Vinayaka Chaturthi in Chingamasam is observed with Ashta Dravya Ganapathy Homam.

Poorada Guruthi for Yakshi Amma held on Pooradam nakshatra in Chinga Masam is a unique ritual.

Meena Bharani is observed with Panthirazhi naivedyam.