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Kanadi Madam Tharavadu Temple Thira Vellattu Festival – Roopakkalam – Pattutsavam – Kuttichathan Temple

Kanadi Madam Tharavadu temple is located at Peringottukara in Thrissur district, Kerala. The temple is dedicated to Vishnumaya Swami Kuttichathan. The temple is a continuation of the ancient Kuttichathan worship in Kerala. The shrine is famous for its Thira Vellattu festival in Kumbha Masam (February 13 to 15) and Kalamezhuthum Pattum - Roopakkalam pattu festival in Mithunam 25 (July) and on Thulam 25 (November 10, 11).

The festival and rituals in the temple have a long tradition and includes songs praising the murtis worshipped in the shrine. In Roopakkalam ritual, Vishnu Maya and subsidiary deities are drawn on the floor using natural powders. The other highlights are performances from oracles and fireworks. The ritual art Thira, holy processions and temple rituals are also performed during the festival period.

The roopakkalam ritual is held for wish fulfillment by devotees. There is a widespread belief that participating in the pujas and rituals in the temple will help in desire fulfillment.

Thira Vellattu Festival - Roopakkalam

This is held for three days starting on the last day of Makaram month (usually the ritual falls on February 13, 14 and February 15). A big kolam of Vishnumaya Swamy along with subsidiary deity is drawn during the period.


This is held for two days in Mithuna Masam (usually on July 12 and July 13).

Pattutsavam Roopakkalam

Theyyam, Pattutsavam and Roopakkalam are held on November 10 and November 11.

The vahana or vehicle of Vishnumaya is Mahisham and it faces the main sreekovil.

Apart from Vishnumaya, the temple has Vishnu, Ganapathi, Bhuvaneshwari Devi, Karinkali, Vanadurga, Kuttichathan and Thriprayar Chattanmar as subsidiary deities.