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Jaya And Suprabha Who Created Weapons In Ancient Hindu Religion

The mention of Jaya and Suprabha who created weapons in ancient Hindu religion is found in the Ramayana Chapter 1(20). Sage Vasishta explains about them while narrating the glory of Vishwamitra Maharishi. This story indicates that there were women in ancient India who studied and had the knowledge and talent to build weapons.

The land during ancient times was ruled by a very famous king. He was also one of the Prajapatis (guardians or rulers of the world) and he married the daughters of Daksha – Jaya and Suprabha.

Jaya and Suprabha were immensely valorous, resplendent and brought to victory to their husband. The beautiful and slender-waisted Jaya and Suprabha generated hundreds of thousands of supremely radiant weapons.

Jaya gave birth to 500 sons. They were capable of adopting any form and were experts in using the weapons created by their mother. The sons followed Dharma and vanquished those who spread evil and misery.

Suprabha also gave birth to 500 supreme sons. They were strong, impossible to withstand and invincible. They used the weapons designed by their mother to perfection. They too followed Dharma and defeated the evil forces in the universe.

The sons of Jaya and Suprabha taught how to use the weapons to Sage Vishwamitra.