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Hindu Quotes On Not Eating At Night – After Sunset

As per Hinduism it is not wise to eat at night – specifically after sunset. Here are few quotes from Hindu scriptures supporting the view and health benefits of not eating after sunset or at night.

Ancient Hindus believed that eating at night is the first doorway to hell. (“चत्वारि नरक्द्वाराणि प्रथमं रात्रिभोजनम्”)

The optimum daily routine for a man is to avoid eating at night since the fire required to digest the food is very weak during that period. (Charak Samhita and Ashtanga Sangraha)

In the Markandeya Purana, it is said that after sunset drinking water is equivalent to drinking blood & eating food to eating meat.

The soul which eats before sunset and especially in the monsoon abdicates eating after sunset; that person gets whatever he desires in this life as well as the next life. (Yoga Vasistha)

The person who drinks alcohol, meat, eats after sunset and consumes vegetables grown under the ground; any kind of pilgrimage, prayers and any kind of rites performed by such kind of a person bears no fruit. (Mahabharata)

The soul which eats after sunset even in the monsoons, the sins committed by him cannot be purified even if he does thousands of the “Chandrayantap”. (Rishishwar Bharat)