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Goddess Sri Tara Yogini In Hinduism

Goddess Sri Tara Yogini is one of the 64 yoginis in Hinduism. The 64 yoginis are holy women with yogic powers or female attendants of Shiva or Durga. They are worshipped as Goddesses in Hindu religion. Yogini Sri Tara is depicted as standing on a straight lying corpse or dead body. She was widely worshipped in secrecy by Tantrics. Worship of 64 yoginis are more common in Tantrism and among Shakteya practitioners.

Goddess Sri Tara Yogini is worshipped for attaining liberation and for overcoming all kinds of fear especially that of death. Yogini Sri Tara standing on the dead body symbolically means standing one ones’ ego and ignorance. It is because of ego and ignorance that we think we are the body. The day we realize we are not the body, there will be bliss for us on earth. She is symbolically trampling our ignorance and fear.

Shava sadhana or meditating sitting or standing upon a dead body is a very difficult ritual and it signifies detachment from the physical world and uniting with the absolute.

The mantra associated with Sri Tara Yogini is Om Aim Swaha.

She is offered white color flowers and white color bhog (food or naivedya). Lamp for her should be lit using pure ghee.

The ideal day to propitiate Goddess Tara Yogini is Wednesday.