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Eroor Pishari Kovil Bhagavathi Temple – Festival – Makam Thozhal – Poornathrayeesa Temple Visit

Eroor Pishari Kovil Bhagavathi temple is located at Eroor in Ernakulam, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi – Sankalpam is that of Mookambika Devi – Balambika. The Makam nakshatra (Makam Thozhal) in Kumbha Masam is highly auspicious in the temple. The annual festival of the temple is celebrated in Kumbham (February -March). The ten-day festival extends from Karthika nakshatra to Uthram nakshatra. The deity visits the famous Poornathrayeesa Temple for arattu.

Eroor Pishari Kovil Bhagavathi temple Makam thozhal 2023 date is March 6. The arattu procession will take place on February March 8, 2023.

As per local history, the Goddess worshipped in the temple is a manifestation of Goddess Mookambika. It is said that a Pishara (a yogi or monk) who had lived a large part of his life in Kollur Mookambika Devi temple decided to return back to his native place. The old man was saddened by the fact that he will no longer have darshan of Mother Goddess of Mookambika.

Hearing the prayers of her ardent devotee, Goddess Mookambika appeared before him as Balambika. This divine event took place in the northwest corner of the present temple. This is the sree moolasthanam and there is a swayambhu murti here.

It is believed that the old man had spent his last years in a Mana (ancestral house) in the east side of the temple. His Samadhi is located here. He is also worshipped in the shrine.

There is a strong local belief that the deity worshipped in the temple is the sister of Poornathrayeesa, deity worshipped in the famous Tripunithura Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple. Due to this belief Poornathrayeesa visits the temple during the Para Procession and a combined puja is held in the Mandapam for Poornathrayeesa and Pishari Kovil Amma.

During her annual festival which will be held in Kumbham (February -March), Pishari Kovil Amma visits Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple for a combined procession which is termed as Lakshmi Narayana Vilakku (Goddess Lakshmi and Bhagavan Vishnu) and the Arattu (holy bath) of Pishari Kovil Amma is held at Phalguna Theertham (temple pond of Sree Poornathrayeesa temple) on Uthram Naal (the birthday of Poornathrayeesa).

Theeyattu (a type of artistic form as part of religious rites done for Devi) is conducted only on this day at Sree Poornathrayeesa Temple for pleasing his sister. It is a wonderful experience to see the brother and sister bidding goodbye at the end of the rituals.

The annual festival in the temple begins with kodiyettam – flag hoisting. The ninth day of the festival is famous for Seeveli with caparisoned elephant and panchavadyam. The famous Makathozhal takes place in the temple on the eighth day of the festival. 

Thrikkarthika in Vrischika masam is observed as the birthday of Pishari Kovil Amma. The most important event during this day is Thrikkarthika Vilakku. On the evening Laksha Deepam – lighting of thousands of lamps – is performed.

Navratri along with Vidyarambham is held in the temple.