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Ashokasundari Story – Daughter Of Shiva – Parvati

Ashoka Sundari is the daughter of Shiva and Goddess Parvati. The story of Ashokasundari is associated with Kalpavriksha, the heavenly tree in Hinduism. It is believed that Shiva created Ashokasundari to be a friend and companion to Goddess Parvati. It is said that when Shiva meditated or went to wage war against demons, Maa Parvati felt loneliness. A daughter was created from the divine tree to solve loneliness.

Ashokasundari is worshipped in some parts of Gujarat. It is believed that she blesses devotees with peace, prosperity and beauty.

As per Shakti worshippers, this is one form of Goddess Shakti and she resides in the central bindu of Sri Chakra. She is worshipped as Balika Taruni by Shakti worshippers. This name is associated with all forms of Goddess Shakti.

Some people believe that Ashokasundari is a young girls who has not yet achieved puberty. Some devotees consider her as a young unmarried virgin girl.

Some people equate her with the Lalitha Tripurasundari form of Goddess Shakti.