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Uncontrolled Enjoyment Only Adds To Our Desires

To think that one can overcome or decimate one’s desires, whatever be their names, forms and shapes, by fulfilling them is like adding fuel to fire with the hope that it will get extinguished. Unbridled enjoyment only adds to our desires. We get caught and entangled in them more and yet more.

However, there comes a time when we seek to get out of this network of illusion of getting and losing, this endless suffering of being at the mercy of desires.

And thus begins our journey of tracing back to ‘where it all started’—the source of our mental distress and turmoil — and we start dissecting our own actions and reactions, emotions and expectations, successes and failures.

And lo! There we discover the problem is not out there but in here. It is right in our own mind or personality, its current structure and inclinations, its deep-rooted thought patterns and areas which it considers important and sources of pleasure; it is desire that is at the root of all mischief. And then arises the need for practice of contentment.

Source – The Vedanta Kesari editorial issue April 2015 page 126 - 127