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True Prayer Is A Communion With The Supreme Truth

True prayer is a communion with the Supreme Truth. Asking something to God is not prayer, it is an extension of our ignorance.

Prayer has nothing to do with words or mantras or chants. The best prayer is the silent prayer. Lucky are those who during the silent prayer merge in the Supreme Truth. It might be for a few seconds but that small experience is unexplainable. It puts us on the path of self realization.

We shed duality in prayer and merge in the Supreme Truth. It is like dew drop merging in the vast ocean. All our worries and pain disappear.

In True Prayer God is not the giver and we are not the receiver. True prayer merely cleanses the dust of ignorance blocking the the true vision of God.

Prayer is not something that you do in a fixed time. We can pray anytime. Even while working we can pray. Praying is constantly remaining in awareness that we are not individual rain drops but part of the great ocean.