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Sukraniti Teachings

A collection of teachings from Sukraniti.

Those rulers who do not follow niti or morals are unfortunate and go to hell, either through misery or through cupidity.

Association with the Guru is for the acquisition of Shastras and the Shastras are calculated to increase knowledge.

To maintain a healthy and prosperous life wealth is necessary. So long as there is wealth, one is respected by all. However, the man without wealth, though well qualified, is deserted even by his wife and children.

The best profession is agriculture.

The collector of taxes is to be like a gardener who collects flowers and fruits after having duly nourished the trees with care.

A Zen Story

A dramatic ballad singer studied under a strict teacher who insisted that he rehearse day after day, month after month the same passage from the same song, without being permitted to go any further. Finally, overwhelmed by frustration and despair, the young man ran off to find another profession.

One night, stopping at an inn, he stumbled upon a recitation contest. Having nothing to lose, he entered the competition and, of course, sang the one passage that he knew so well. When he had finished, the sponsor of the contest highly praised his performance.

Despite the student's embarrassed objections, the sponsor refused to believe that he had just heard a beginner perform. "Tell me," the sponsor said, "who is your instructor? He must be a great master." The student later became known as the great performer Koshiji.