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Story Of Mahad Ganpati Temple – Why Mahad Ganesha Is Known As Varad Vinayak?

The story of Mahad Ganpati temple is associated with the life of Gritsamada. The story also solves the puzzle as to why Mahad Ganesha is known as Varad Vinayak. Mahad Ganpati temple is one among the Ashtavinayak temples in Maharashtra.

Mukunda wife of Rishi Vachaknavi once happened to see Rukmangada, the handsome prince of Kaundinyapur. She was so enamored by the beauty of the prince that she wanted to make love to him. But the prince who followed Dharma refused to make love to wife of another man.

Indra, the king of Devas, happened to see the plight of Mukunda and took advantage of the situation. He appeared in the form of Prince Rukmangada and made love to Mukunda.

In due course of time, Mukunda gave birth to a son named Gritsamada. He became a great scholar and defeated many scholars in debate. Gritasamada firmly believed that he was able to grasp the great scriptures as he was the son of Rishi Vachaknavi. But once a Rishi refused to enter into debate with Gritasamada stating that he was not a true Brahmin.

Gritsamada confronted his mother and she revealed to him that he was not son of Rishi Vachaknavi but of Prince Rukmangada. A celestial voice then corrected his mother and revealed to Gritsamada that he was the son of Indra.

Gritsamada was saddened by the fact that he was not son of Rishi Vachaknavi. He went deep into Pushpak forest and performed intense Tapas. Pleased with his devotion, Ganpati appeared before him and granted him a boon.

Gritsamada asked Ganpati to stay in the forest and bless devotees. Ganpati then appeared in Swayambhu formin the spot. Gritsamada built a temple in the spot and this temple is now popular as Mahad Ganpati temple.

As Ganpati granted the wishes of Gritsamada he came to be known as Varad Vinayak.