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Sree Mannampurathu Kavu Bhagavathy Temple – Nileshwar - Festival

Sree Mannampurathu Kavu Bhagavathy temple is located at Nileshwar in Kasaragod district, Kerala. The shrine is dedicated to a powerful form of Goddess Bhagavathi and the temple is also famous for Theyyam festival. The shrine is also known as Chathayamangalam temple.

As per local history, Mannam Purathu Kavu Bhagavathy arrived in the place to defeat Mannan, a cruel ruler.

The theyyams performed in the temple are Mannam Purathu Kavilamma, Nadayil Bhagavathy and Kshetrapalakan. The theyyam ritual is held in the May month or early June after Kalasam of Madiyan Koolom.

Manampurathu kalasham  ends the theyyam season in north Malabar region.

The annual Pooram Kuli is held on Meena Masam (March - April).

The temple has a separate serpent kavu and two separate shrines for upa devatas. The important deities worshipped in the shrine are Kavilamma, Eruvattachan and Mailittachan.

This kavu is situated in the midst of sacred grove of about six acres. This is a protected grove.

 The main priesthood is hereditary to Pirarar caste who are Saktheya brahmins. Rituals are conducted in Saktheya system of worship.

Apart from the Theyyam festival, the prominent festivals conducted are Vrischikappattu of 3 days from Karthika of the month, Makarappattu for 9 days commencing from Makara sankranti, pooram festival of 9 days from the Karthika nakshatra in Meenam.

The architectural style of the temple is that of traditional Kerala temples. There is extensive use of laterite stones which are available locally. The walls and floors have employed laterite stones. The roof has red clay tiles. The Sreekovil is within the walls of the chuttambalam. The temple has a beautiful pond.

The priests perform pooja three times each day: morning, noon and evening. Tuesdays and Fridays see an increase in the number of devotees visiting the temple. 

The annual pratishta festival in the temple is held in Malayalam Meda Masam (April - May).