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Predicament Of Seeker And Kindness Of Master

Seeker’s Predicament
Knowing not where he comes from, knowing not where he is bound, the seeker’s predicament is indeed pathetic. Trapped in layers of ignorance that bind more tightly than any cement or concrete, the seeker’s pain is known only to those who have lived it.

Without proper guidance and the necessary Grace, like a rudderless boat, the seeker goes in endless circles in a boundless ocean, alternately chasing some glimmer of light on the horizon and plugging those self-destructive leaks one’s ignorance keeps punching into oneself.

Master’s Kindness
Like a solitary shepherd in the mountains, lovingly resting his flock under the moonlit skies between two hard days of a long journey, who course and outcome are known only to him, these interactions with the Master reflect a rare kind of intimacy, understanding and compassion that springs from the Master’s deep urge to share and deliver.

He knows that the kindness, the insights and the wisdom, which he so generously shares, soothes the bruises and the wounds of the day and firms up the resolve of the flock to walk with him one more day. Thus, day after day, the Master charms his flock, infusing an ethereal lightness into those he can while numbing the pain and biding his time with those he cannot.

Source - Book titled - Mystic's Musings By Sadhguru