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Nepali Ramayan – Author Bhanubhakta - Information

The Nepali Ramayana was written by Bhanubhakta, the 18th century poet of Nepal. He depicts the devotion to Rama (Ram Bhakti) in a beautiful manner. He follows Adhyatma Ramayana of Sage Valmiki.

The salient feature of this Ramayana is Rama’s exposition of the nine types of devotion; he mentions the company of good people (satsanga) as the first and foremost method of devotion.

Some reviewers say that Ramayana of Bhanubhakta is merely a literal translation of Valmiki Ramayana, but it is not true. Comparative study shows that there are a total of 1317 posts in the Nepal Ramayan of Bhanubhakta but Valmiki Ramayan consists of 4268 verses.

At the beginning of the Valmiki Ramayana there is a Mangal Shlok and there is also a discussion on the spiritual and social significance of the epic. But this is missing in the Ramayana of Bhanubhakta. He begins directly with the Shiva-Parvati dialogue.

Brevity and local language style make the work different from the original Ramayan.
Nepali Ramayan includes the Uttara Khanda.