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Long Life Through Happiness – Hindu Religion Way

Those who are content, happy or excited about life will have a long life. Positive outlook is responsible for a long happy life. From time immemorial Hindu religion has been teaching that we can achieve happiness (bliss) only from an internal source. All searches for happiness externally will end up in misery and tragedy.

When you stop searching for happiness outside you will perform better at work, have better relationships, a stronger immune system, less stress, fewer sleep problems, less energy issues and good health. The prime reason for this is that you have realized that your happiness not in the hands of other people. You are responsible for your happiness and well being. When you realize that all animate and inanimate is nothing manifestations of the Single Supreme truth there will be no expectations and disappointments.

When our happiness is based on things which are perishable or those that cannot withstand the ravages of time, we are bound to be negative, angry, frustrated and fade away before it is our time.

What modern human beings call happiness is a thing that comes and goes. It is commercialized happiness. You have to earn happiness. You have to compete for your happiness with others. And after long hard struggle you achieve this happiness and its shelf life is so short. Soon you will have to enter the happiness competition again. This is a never ending cycle.

All Hindu scriptures have been constantly saying one thing – do not look for happiness outside. Your happiness is within you. The ever present source of bliss is you. Do all your external activities without expecting any result. Enjoy what you are doing with a strong sense of purpose but do not be attached to results. Be kind to others but do not expect them to reciprocate the same kindness or love.

You should have warm, supportive and satisfying relationships with others but never expect them to return it in the same measure.

If you wish to have a long happy life, take control of the happiness part of your life. Do not let others decide when and how you should be happy. Learn to be content. Instead of madly searching for perishable happiness in the external world, give a sense of purpose and meaning to your life.

Abhilash Rajendran