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Kotdwar Sidhbali Temple – Sidhbali Mandir At Kotdwar In Uttarakhand

Sidhbali Temple is located on the banks of Khoh River and is surrounded by Shivaliks. It is around 3 km from Kotdwar in Pauri Garhwal District in Uttarakhand. Sidhbali Mandir is a sacred pilgrimage for Nath community as the Guru of Naths, Guru Gorakhnath, meditated here for several years.

Kotdwar Sidhbali Dham is also one of the 84 Siddha Peethas. It is believed that Hanuman gave darshan to Guru Gorakhnath here.

The main murti worshipped in the shrine is that of Hanuman – in a Pindi form. Later a murti of Hanuman in standing posture holding mace and mountain was added by devotees.

The mandap area of the shrine has pictures of Hindu deities. All pictures are hand drawn by artists from Rajasthan.

The temple complex also has murtis of Goddess Kali and Santoshi Ma.

Regular bhandaras are held here on Saturday, Sunday and Tuesday.

The most important day in the shrine is the Jayanti day of Sidha Baba. Rudra Abhishek, Rudra path and Shobha Yatra are part of the festivities.

Lord is offered bheli and jaggery as Prasad. During monsoons batasha is offered instead of bheli.