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Kerala Temple That Cures Stammering – Vikkal – Vazhenkada Sree Narasimha Moorthy Temple

Vazhenkada Sree  Narasimha Moorthy temple, located at Malappuram district in Kerala, is famous for curing children who are suffering from stammering (vikkal in Malayalam). The shrine is located around 15 km east of Perinthalmanna. The temple is on the Thootha-Vettathur road and is around 2 km from Thootha on the Cherpulassery-Perinthalmanna state highway.

The main deity worshipped in the temple is the Narasimha Avatar of Bhagwan Vishnu. There is also the presence of Goddess Saraswati in the temple.

The popular belief is that the murti worshipped in the temple belonged to Hanuman who had worshipped it in the Kadalivanam.

The present temple is believed to have been constructed during the 14th century.

The murti is carved in black granite stone (Krishna Shila). The murti holds conch, discus, club and lotus. As the murti is broken it is joined and protected using a golaka. The sankalpam of the deity is that of Narasimha blessing young Prahlada. Thus the murti in the temple is in peaceful form (Shantha Bhava).

The subsidiary deities worshipped in the temple are Goddess Durga (in a rare Shivling form), Ganpati and Sastha. Hanuman is worshipped inside the sreekovil of Ganpati but does not have a murti.

Stammering Cure At Vazhenkada Sree  Narasimha Moorthy Temple

The reason for children finding cure for stammering is because of Narasimha blessing child Prahlada and also due to the presence of Goddess Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of learning and art. Yet another reason is the invisible presence of Hanuman.

Children suffering from stammering offer Kadali (a special kind of Kerala banana) in the shrine. Tongue made of silver or gold is also offered by devotees when their children are cured of stammering. Some people make this offering before cure itself.

Another important offering in the temple Avil Nivedyam to Hanuman Swami.

Saraswathi Ghrutham, which is offered for Goddess Saraswathi , is given to children for better learning and intelligence.

For good intelligence and to show interest in studies, parents also offer Bhagyasooktham pushpanjali in the name of their children in the temple.

On Vijayadashami, which is observed as Vidyarambham in Kerala, thousands of children are initiated into the world of learning in the temple.

Many children who had speech related problem have found relief after offering prayers in the temple.

Vazhenkada Sree  Narasimha Moorthy Temple Timings

5:00 AM to 9:30 AM
5 PM to 7:30 PM