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Good Relationships Keep Us Happier And Healthier

It is a well known fact that the good relationships keep us happier and healthier. But the million dollar question is – where do I find good relationships. In a world where everyone is madly chasing money, fame, success and materialistic things, where is the time and patience for good relationships.

What society calls today good relationship is a coming together of a set of people based on common interests. There is no quality in such relationships as it is based on selfish needs. You get something so you are in this relationship. You are part of a group because it offers you something not because there is any real connection. You are forced to maintain such relationships even if you like it or not. Quite often such relationships are based on fear of another group of people. You need to put a real effort to be in such relationships.

Good relationships should be based on quality not on quantity. It is absolutely fine if you don't have to have dozens of friends or even be in a committed relationship. Be in a relationship where you are loved and respected for the real you. If a person can be in a relationship with you even after shedding all your wealth and social status know that to be a good relationship.

The key to a good relationship is to stop having expectations. Do not have agendas and hidden motives in a relationship. Do not be in a relationship for money, power or for some other kind of help.

It is easy to maintain a good relationship when there is no expectation. It is like a free flowing river. You don’t need to hide or mend your ways to be in such a relationship. Both the persons involved in a good relationship grow and prosper. There is love and respect and there is empathy. There is deeper meaning to such a relationship. You feel safe in such a relationship.