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God Need To Be Experienced Not Believed

The world is filled with believers and followers but not those who have experience god. The few that experience God quietly move away from mainstream society thus making it harder for people who want to experience God. We need people who experience Krishna not stopping far away from Krishna. We need people who can become Krishna in real sense not imitating.

When you are believer you get addicted to god and this result in dependency. When you are addicted to god you have problem with a non-believer. But when you have experienced God you see no difference between a believer and non-believer.

When you are a follower or believer of God you are knowingly or unknowingly sowing hatred for all those people who do not believe in your God. A person who has experienced God can never allow hatred to enter his mind or thought. For such a person there is nothing to hate as everything that he see, feel, smell, imagine is nothing but God.

Stop getting focused and obsessed with names and forms of God created by human beings. Go beyond all names and forms and see the Truth behind all animate and inanimate. Only such a person is a real seeker of Truth.

Followers and believers are obsessed with a particular form or ideology or thought. It is a psychological disease. It causes damage mentally and physically. It also begins to harm other living beings and we see this happening all around the world.

One who has experienced God cannot exclude anything. There is only one truth but there are a billion ways to reach the truth. One who has experienced truth respects all the ways.

Believers and followers are not seekers of Truth. They just believe without inquiring or without exploring. Someone said to them this is God and they just believed and followed it. But soon they come across other people who have a different Gods. As you did not explore or enquire you are forced to believe that only your God is correct. Soon you have violence, hatred and intolerance.

But a person who has experienced god has no problem with anyone. For such a person all that matter is “Who Am I”? And when you find answer to this query on your own there is bliss. You then become love. You then become equality. You are then the fountainhead of tolerance. This is because you then see truth emanating from all moveable and immoveable.

To a believer the journey ends before it begins. But for a person who has experienced God, the journey never ends. The person wants more of the experience. Life is then a never ending celebration of truth.

Abhilash Rajendran