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Story – What Matters Is Not Lineage But Talent And Knowledge

Once, there lived an Ayurveda Acharya named Jeevak, who learned that what matter is not lineage but talent and knowledge. Jeevak was found one day in the forest by Prince Abhaya Kumar. The prince adopted the abandoned child. He gave him the best education.
When Jeevak was in his teenage, he wanted to know about his parents. Abhaya Kumar did not want to hide the truth so he told him the truth.

Jeevak now became gloomy as he was not aware of his parents, lineage, caste, and religion.

He thought this would be a great advantage in the world as people identified and respected only those who were born in families. Orphans were looked down.

Abhaya Kumar could not bear the mental agony through which Jeevak was going through. He asked Jeevak go to Takshashila and do further studies.

Jeevak was not ready to go but Abhaya Kumar told him that there are people in the world who gave more importance to the truth than lineage.

Jeevak reached Takshashila and sat before an acharya for interview.

The Acharya asked him who his parents were, which lineage he belonged to and his caste etc.

Jeevak did not hide anything and told the truth.

Acharya was happy with truthful and fearless nature of Jeevak. He gave admission to Jeevak in Takshashila.

Jeevak took a keen interest in Ayurveda and specialize in it.

When Jeevak had completed his studies, his Acharya wanted him to go to Magadha and start and ayurveda shala there to take care of poor people.

But Jeevak wanted to stay in Takshashila fearing that as he was an orphan people would not be ready to accept him as a doctor.

The Acharya then told Jeevak that the true value of a person is not lineage but his talent and knowledge. He told Jeevak to go out to the world to make a name for himself by helping the poor and diseased.

Jeevak was inspired by the words of Acharya and he worked hard in life and became a famous Ayurveda Acharya.