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Story Of Krishna Bringing Ganga To Mathura Vrindavan – Manasi Ganga In Govardhan

Manasi Ganga is an important temple and holy lake located at Govardhan town in Mathura Vrindavan (Brij). As per a popular story Krishna brought Ganga to Govardhan Hill to fulfill the wishes of his foster parents, Nanda and Yashoda.

Nanda and Yashoda had heard of the glories of the Holy Ganga. They knew that anyone who took a bath in its holy waters would be rid of all their sins and would reach Heaven. They too were interested in bathing in the holy river. However, they could not travel such a long distance.

Nanda once told Krishna that he and Yashoda would like to take bath in the holy river.

Krishna then meditated and Goddess Ganga appeared before him.

When Krishna told Ganga about the wish of his parents, she immediately went about fulfilling the wish. Soon a portion of Govardhan Hill is flooded with the waters of Ganga. The place came to be known as Manasi Ganga.

The temple dedicated to Manasi Ganga is located at the center of Govardhan Hill on end of the lake. Devotees start and end Govardhan Parikrama from Manasi Ganga.

The temple has a murti of Manasi Devi and behind her murti is a murti of Krishna.