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Story - Learning And Wisdom – Parable Of Sri Ramakrishna

Story on learning and wisdom is a parable by Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.

A learned Brahmin once went to a wise king and said: “Hear, O King! I am well versed in the Holy Scriptures and I will to teach you the Sacred Bhagavatam (Srimad Bhagavad Purana).

The king, who was wiser of the two, knew that a man who had really studied the Bhagavatam would seek more to know his true Self than to gain honor and wealth in a king’s court.

The king replied, “I see that you have not mastered the scripture well. I promise you to make you my teacher, but first go and learn the Scripture well.”

The Brahmin went away thinking that the king was foolish to think that I have not mastered the scripture when I have been reading it repeatedly for several years.

The Brahmin read the scripture once again and went to the king.

The king was not satisfied and asked the Brahmin to read the scripture again.

The Brahmin was angry but he thought there must be some hidden meaning in the behavior of the king.

He went home and started reading the scripture more carefully.

Little by little, the hidden meaning of the verses began to unfold before his mind, and he soon realized the foolishness of running after riches and fame, kings and courts, power and fame. Light appeared through his clouded vision.

He started studying the scriptures more carefully and went about doing his daily work.

He never bothered to return to the King.

After few years, the king remembered about the Brahmin and reached his house to find out why he had not come back.

The king did not see the Brahmin who came to his court. The Brahmin had changed – he was glowing with divine light and love.

The king fell upon his knees and said to the Brahmin – I now see that you have understood the true meaning of the scripture. I am ready to be your disciple if you will accept me.