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Story From Hinduism – What Is The Nature Of God?

A story from Hinduism as to what is the nature of God?

A king of a region heard about a famous philosopher who had arrived in his kingdom. The King summoned the philosopher. After a few minutes of interaction, the king realized that the man was indeed a good philosopher.

So the king asked him what is the nature of God. How to describe God?

The philosopher wanted three days to think over the question. He told the king that he would come with an answer on the fourth day morning.

On the fourth day morning, the philosopher asked for another three days to ponder over the question.

King granted another three days.

On the fourth day, the king was eager for an answer but to his dismay, the philosopher again asked for three days.

The king was losing his patience with the philosopher, but gave him another three days.

On the fourth day, the philosopher appeared before the king and told him “The more I think of God, the more indescribable he becomes.”