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Quips Of Hindu Saints And Villagers

A small collection of quips of Hindu saints and villagers.

Once an ignorant atheist told a Hindu villager that he will give him a gold coin if can tell him where God is. The villager replied saying that he will give him two gold coins if he can tell him where God is not.

Once an over enthusiastic Christian missionary was addressing Hindu villagers in a market. He asked the villagers, what your idol would do if I hit it with a stick. A villager asked if I abuse your God what will it will it do. The missionary answered you would be punished when you die. The villager told the missionary that my idol will not wait until you die it would punish you in this life itself.

A sage declared to a fellow sage that he could fly, remain under the earth for several days together and walk on water. The other sage calmly told birds fly, worms live underground and fishes swim in water. What merit is there in doing what animals do? Try to see God in all animate and inanimate. That is knowledge of higher nature.

One day a King questioned a Sage about Brahman. However, there was no reply from the Sage. The king questioned repeatedly. On seeing the King losing his patience, the sage answered I have been teaching you all the time. Brahman is understood in silence.