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Malavya Yoga In Hindu Astrology

Malavya Yoga, in Hindu astrology, is one of the pancha mahapurusha yogas reckoned in terms of important planetary combinations in predictive astrology. It is constituted when the planet Shukra (Venus) occupies a Kendra (quadrant) house from the ascendant (1st house or lagna) in the natal chart. Also, Venus must be in its own house or mulatrikona in Libra. Due to its exaltation in Pisces, the presence of this planet in a Kendra (1st, 4th, 7th or 10th) house in the natal birth chart from the lagna (the ascendant), which also happens to be one of these three signs, would constitute this important yoga (combination).

According to some texts, this yoga will be more effective if Venus happens to be in Libra or Pisces, since these signs are its mulatrikona and exaltation signs, respectively, which indicate the potency of the planet in ascending order.

Some classical texts indicate that the kendras could be calculated from the moon sign also while deciding about this yoga.

Venus is believed to rule jewels, perfumes, pastel shades of colors, poetry, music, sensual enjoyment, and everything connected with refinement and art. The presence of this yoga in the chart accentuates all these attributes of Venus.