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Agni Kulas – Story Origin Of Rajput Clans

Agni Kulas are the name used to refer to Rajput clans and their origin is associated with the story of Agni Kulas. They are legendary. The legend connected with them first occurs in Navasahasankacarita (10th century CE) and subsequently in Tilak Manjari and numerous Paramara inscriptions. The later recessions of Prithviraj Raso further develop it.

According to it, Vishwamitra, Gautama, Agastya and other sages began a great yagna (sacrifice) on present day Mount Abu. Demons threw flesh, blood, bones and wine at the place of yagna. Angry at this desecration, Sage Vasishta created three warriors, Pratihara, Chalukya and Paramara from Agni Kunda (the sacrificial fire pit), but none of them succeeded in vanquishing the daityas.

Vasishta, therefore, dug a new pit, and as a result of oblations poured into it, there issued forth a four-armed figure, of lofty stature, red-colored, red-aced, and bearing weapons in all his hands. The sages named him ‘Cahuvana.’ With the assistance of the Goddess Asapuri, the warrior defeated daityas and drove them back to the nether regions. The story was retold by several late and medieval writers.