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Yugandhara is the name given to a group of people and it is also used to refer to a place or mountain in the Mahabharata. It is also the name of a warrior.

History knows Yaugandharayana as the astute minister of King Udayana of Vatsa (Kaushambi region), a contemporary of Buddha. Puranas also refer to persons bearing the name Yugandhara. It therefore seems probable that Yugandhara was a personal name, a community name and also stood for a mountain.

Yugandharas were a constituent part of Salvas, along with Audumbaras, Tilakhalas, madrakaras, Bhulingas and Saradandas. Just as Salvas extended their name to the mountains of their region as Salvaka-giri, it seems that the mountainous part of the Yugandhara region was also called Yugandhara mountain or Yuga-Saila in ancient times.

In the Mahabharata, Yugandhara is stated to have been situated on the western bank of Yamuna and to the south of Kurukshetra, with Drshadvati as its southern boundary and is called a gateway to Kurukshetra. The name of the modern town of Jagadhari on the old bank of Yamuna is probably a remnant of the old name, Yaugandhari.