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We Wrongly Interpret Experiences Of Life Because Of Lack Of Equanimity

Gita says that if a person develops the three virtues – equanimity in situations, seeking the welfare of all living beings and control of the sense, action, organs and mind then the Lord will give knowledge and save the person from Samsara.
When we read this carefully, we can understand that we wrongly interpret the experiences of life because of lack of equanimity caused by biases and desires that cloud the intellect. (Vedanta Kesari August 2017)
With these three virtues, our intellect will be clear and we will be able to see things as they are. Knowledge will shine from within says the Gita.

Their thoughts are fixed on Me, their lives absorbed in Me, enlightening each other and ever speaking of Me, they are content and full of joy. (Chapter 10 Verse 9)

To these, who ever dwell at one with Me and worship Me in Love, I give the yoga of discrimination by which they come unto Me. (Chapter 10 Verse 10)

Out of pure compassion for them, I dwell within their hearts, and dispel the darkness born of ignorance by wisdom’s lamp which burneth bright. (Chapter 10 Verse 10)

Those who consecrate all their actions to Me, regarding Me as the supreme Goal and who, with single-hearted devotion, worship Me and mediate on Me. (Chapter 12 Verse 6)

These, O Arjuna, I swiftly deliver from the ocean of death and lives, their minds being ever attached to me. (Chapter 12 Verse 7)