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We Act Based On What We Believe To Be True

All danger is perceived. Ever walked cautiously so that no insect gets on your feet? No, at least, not in human habitations. One might do that in a forest with no defined pathways. Generally, we do not care about the numerous insects that surround us. Because, we do not perceive any threat. 

However, that may not be the case with the person we confront while on a walk. For all we know, that person could pose a larger threat to our lives and property than a miniscule member of our ecosystem. So, that is decided. 

Yes, most of our threats are perceived. That is why most people are more afraid of air travel than walking on a road with busy traffic. Though statistics tell us that travel by air is the safest mode of transport and that a large number of accidents happen every year on our roads, most of us feel jittery in an aircraft. That is because of perception.


We act based on what we believe to be true. The end of our life is usually what we cherish most. Our ideals evolve with our beliefs and convictions. For some money is everything. For some others it is knowledge. There are some who cherish love the most. Some want to possess all power. Our actions are also based on what we consider ourselves to be. If we consider ourselves to be weak, our efforts would be faint. If we consider ourselves to be strong, our endeavor would be resolute.

Source - Prabuddha Bharata April 2016 - page 13