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Rajjab Vani – Quotes - Sayings of Saint Rajjab

Sant Rajjab (who lived between 1567 and 1689) was a saint who composed Vani and Sarvangi, which includes his own sayings as well as those of other saints.

After roaming the entire earth and the three worlds, there is no one else except the Sadhguru who can remove our doubts.

The Guru is a skilled potter and the sadhak is mud. The Sadhguru creates the best pot out of this mud, meaning, the Guru bestows the divine form to man.

Whatever one receives from parents is mortal and is left behind here itself. But what the Guru bestows upon the sadhak is priceless, immortal and remains with him eternally.

Just as a cow keeps an eye on her calf while grazing in the jungle; similarly, if we constantly keep our focus on Paramatma – turn towards God, we can certainly attain liberation.

Sadhguru’s word is the seed which is planted in the soil of the soul. If you nurture in with great care, you will get fruit from it whenever you want.

Sants, like clouds, always remain in the sky. If they do come down to earth, it is without attachment or desire.

Even ordinary souls can change when they come into the presence of Sants, like iron touched by the philosopher’s stone, oil by the extract of flowers, and garlands or groves by the scent of sandalwood.

An infant, who has only the strength to cry, lies there calling out for a lump of sugar. Your son too has only that much strength, O all-powerful creator.

O creature, the roll of the dice has come around, you are now in a human body. Worship the Lord of the Universe, for this opportunity, won’t last long.

Illusion comes without being desired, and strikes like death. It bites even accomplished spiritual seekers, and can’t be averted.

Dogs and crows throw themselves on dead carcasses, ignoring vessels full of cooked food. Such is the tendency of the mind which gives up nectar and eats poison.

He succeeds whose work is done by Ram. Keep your faith and all will go well.

That which conforms to all truths is true; that which does not, is false. This alone is the Truth irrespective of whether my words produce pleasure or displeasure.

Rajjab Vani