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Makayiram Nakshatra 2022 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Makayiram Nakshatra 2022 predictions are based on Malayalam Nakshatram or birth star Kerala astrology. February, April, June, August, and December 2022 are good months.  January, March, May and October 2022 are bad months. July, September and November 2022 will be both good and bad.

Mrigasira Nakshatra pada 1 Edava rashi kooru born will see good fortune in property and wealth matters. Mrigasira Nakshatra pada 2 Edava rashi kooru will have a good year job related matters. Mrigashirsha Nakshatra pada 3 Mithuna kooru born will get lucky in job and wealth matters with the help of another person. Mrigasira pada 4 Mithuna kooru born people will face health issues especially related to hands or legs. A desire you were having in mind for longtime will be fulfilled in 2022. Government jobs for some. Those looking for new job will get one in this year especially through your talent and hard work. Promotion and increase in salary. Foreign travel opportunity. You will get recognition from government or other authorities.

Avoid being stiff in matters. Flexibility will bring gains in career and personal life.

Business people will see increase in profit. Relief in government and legal matters. Increase of enemy activity.

New source of income. Additional income from abroad. Loans will be approved especially vehicle loans. You will buy new vehicle or home this year. Temptation to spend on luxury items will result in financial loss. You will spend money on charity.

Success in exams and interviews. Studies that were dropped or stopped in between will be restarted.

You will change your daily routine for better health. Health will improve after some initial problems.

Keen interest in travel to spiritual and religious destinations. There will be gains from travels.

Happy married life. New friendships. Will participate in cultural and other programs. You will get help from parents or grandparents. Those having problems in marriage will solve it. There will be auspicious and happy occasions in the family. Opportunity to stay with family for long duration. Good year for romantic related matters. You will repent on your hasty and wrongful actions of the past. You will get name and fame. Fights and argument mainly related to a passionate subject like sports or cinema. You might fall for false money or sex related advertisements. This will result in monetary loss and loss of reputation.

Quick and good decisions in marriage related matters. Good year for those looking to remarry.