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Karthika Nakshatra 2022 Predictions Based On Malayalam Nakshatram Kerala Astrology

Karthika Nakshatra 2022 predictions based on Malayalam nakshatram Kerala astrology. January, March, April, July, September and November 2022 are good months. February, March, June and December 2022 are bad months. May, August and October 2022 will see ups and downs.

Karthika nakshatra pada 1 Meda kooru born will have luck in money matters including lottery and games. Karthika nakshatra pada 2 Edava kooru will face problems in relationships and marriage. Karthika nakshatra pada 3 Edava kooru born will need to be careful at workplace. Karthika nakshatra pada 4 Edava kooru born people will see hospital visits and disease trouble in family.

Avoid taking career decisions just based on a recent bad incident. Those looking for new job might find it difficult. Help from colleagues and management will make you prosper. Some of you will decide to quit the present job and start something of your own.

Financially it will be a stagnant period. There will be gains from property. There will be legal troubles regarding ancestral wealth. You will experience loss in stocks, betting and speculation. Relief in government related matters. Property deals will be made in this year. Money will be spent on health related issues in the family. You will invest in a vehicle.

Loss in business due to sudden problems in machines. Competition will increase. Employee related trouble for some.

Do not jump into conclusion and take hasty action just by listening to other people. Think before you act. You will overcome many tough situations through common sense and intelligence. You will be bothered and concerned about an action you had committed without giving much thought.

There will be peace and happiness in the family. There will be unity. Children might cause some trouble. Disappointment and anger in marriage related matters of children. Tremendous gains due to friendship with people who are rich or in power. There will be rituals and auspicious occasions in the family. Picnics or other leisure trips.

Chance of accidents or near death experience due to electricity, vehicle, fire, acids, gas or weapons.

Fight with friends. Gains from travels. Success in romance related matters.

Health issue related to smoking, alcohol or pollution. Improvement in studies. Students will perform good.

Marriage as per desire will be held in this year for some. Those having serious problems in marriage will decide to end it.