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Impression Of Bad Action Can Be Removed By Repentance And Prayer

Ego is one of the biggest barriers that alienate everyone from divinity. It is generally seen that in everyone’s life, destiny deflates the ego time after time, though through compelling and unavoidable tragic situations. Depending on the past, some get it many times in life. Such events happen more if one’s track is spiritual. If a person is on the way to liberation, destiny annihilates all his attachments consistently.

One may not be able to undo the result of an action; but certainly it is in one’s hands to wipe out the impression of a bad action, by repentance, prayer and perseverance and by infusion of pure thought and repent for the past misdeeds and be profited by the lessons taught by the mistakes and never repeat them.

The general nature is that at the very first point of hurt to the ego, (it is also seen that there is nothing more harmful than a hurt ego), senses and mind go out of control and would have a devastating effect around. However, once the anger subsides after creating havoc, one has to surrender to logic and to the will of the Almighty and then love and consideration from the Supreme can be experienced.

Source – Sapthagiri Magazine August 2017 published by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam. The article was written by Vamanan Namboodiri.