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Dreaming Of Ashes – Meaning

Dreaming of ashes is both good and bad. If you see dream of ashes and you are happy means you will get opportunity to clear your mistakes and become pure. Dreaming of ashes and you are crying means death or destruction.

Dream of ashes on your body means you need to make use of all opportunities in future to become good. All your bad activities and habits should be stopped. You can mend your relationships. You will also get opportunity to restart your career.

Dreaming of you collecting ashes means a secret of yours will be exposed and you will be shamed in public or in front of family members or relatives. It also means unexpected death and you will have regret as you did not what was required before the death.

Dreaming of ashes flying around you means you will take drastic measures to solve your problems. It also means you will find a way out of a tough situation.