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Bhunda Festival at Nirmand In Himachal Pradesh – Held Once In 12 Years

Bhunda Festival at Nirmand in Himachal Pradesh is held once in 12 years. The festival is held at the famous Ambika Devi temple here. The festival is attended by people from all the nearby regions. Deities from various temples in the region also arrive at Ambika Devi temple to participate in the festival.

Only during the Bhunda festival is the Parashurama murti brought out of its usual, secluded resting place – the temple. Brahmins enter the dark room without light and clothes, to gather the murti and any other objects if they find. Each time, therefore, Parashurama murti is accompanied by different set of ritual objects, ranging from a Trimurti silver mask to a bronze ring and even a delicate hand fan.

An unfortunate theft in 1982 resulted in the loss of some of these objects, but the temple caretakers still claim that the underground cellar is full of fabulous articles and ancient artifacts.

On the last of day of Bhunda festival, the water vessel of Parashurama is filled from a spring that seems to produce water exclusively for this occasion and then, after the visiting gods and goddess of various nearby temples have departed, the massive doors are bolted for another 12 years.