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Bhagavad Gita Chapter 7 Verse 23

The fruit acquired by these men of little understanding is limited. The worshippers of the devas (’bright ones’) go to the devas, but my devotees come unto Me. (Gita Chapter 7 Verse 23)

Those who worship specific deities for desire fulfillment will get what they want, but they are deluded people. They do not know how to desire the highest.   They are satisfied with small things when they could as well have the best.

They are like the child that prefers five shining pennies to one gold piece. Such people are after limited desires, perishable things. They are happy with wealth or name or success, but not freedom. Had they directed the same devotion towards Me (Sri Krishna), they would have attained the highest, eternal and universal Bliss. But they are satisfied with the little, perishable things.

And when they pass out of this world, they will not be free, but will go to the god they worshipped during their lifetime. They will go to his heaven, the heaven of their ishta. There they will enjoy for some time.

Therefore it is said, ‘Worship the Lord, the Universal, which is thy own divine Self. Then the result will be everlasting, infinite, supreme Bliss.’ God alone is Real. He is free, eternal and infinite, and worshipping Him alone will make us free forever.

But we repeat the process time and again, being born and dying, and enjoying for a while in heaven, and then beginning all over again. ‘My devotees come unto Me,’ says Krishna. ‘I am eternal; I am universal; I am Bliss itself. And those who come to Me will partake of My nature.’

Why do so few choose the higher path? Why is it that we are satisfied with the lesser? It is because we are ignorant. Our minds are not pure. We have too many desires clamouring for satisfaction. Therefore, our discrimination is clouded. We do not recognize divinity even when we meet it. When God Himself incarnates, we pass Him by unrecognized. Says Sri Krishna:

Source Prabhudha Bharata October 2003 page 38 – Reflections on Bhagavad Gita by Swami Atulananda