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Why We Need To Be Rooted?

Thoughts by Swami Nityasthananda

It is very essential for us to be firmly rooted in our higher ideal. A tree firmly rooted in the ground will not be toppled by a storm.

If we are not firmly rooted, we will be overwhelmed by the tempest of various influences, adversities, and temptations; and our life will become rudderless.

The child’s life is rooted in the mother. As one grows one has to find new grounds for one’s roots, and the parents must help one in this regard. A seedling is first reared in a pot and then it is transplanted on the ground. There it grows by itself into a huge tree.

Swami Nityasthananda of Ramakrishna Mission

Thoughts by Swami Adbhutananda

Becoming a devotee is not a joke. One cannot become a bhakta just by uttering a few devotional words or shedding a few tears. Only one in whom genuine devotion has blossomed is a true bhakta. When one attains such devotion, one becomes God-like; no hatred, jealousy, or egotism can remain in such a person. What I see in most cases is only a verbal display of devotion. The heart, in contrast, remains filled with the poisons of jealousy, hatred, and pride. Again, you will see people who act very humbly, speak innocently, make offerings to brahmanas, and feed the sadhus, but at the same time, cheat the widow, bring ruin to their own brother, and brutally injure others for a bit of money. See the play of maya! A devotee can never do such things. All of you say, ‘bhakta! bhakta!’ My child, do devotees grow on trees? Out of all of those who pose as devotees, very few have devotion.


Bhagavan Veda Vyasa was born from the womb of Satyavati, a fisherwoman. The sage Narada was the son of a maidservant. The sage Satyakama was the son of a prostitute. How many sages and great people like these were born into a lowly home, yet they became the object of worship for humanity. By these examples one can understand that in the kingdom of God there is no high or low. He does not weigh the details of one’s birth. Rather, he regards one’s karma. Distinctions of birth and caste are all man-made. They have no validity. In the realm of righteousness, all such concepts are worthless. Everyone is equal.