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Whatever You Do Positive Attitude Is Important

Thoughts of Swami Vireswarananda Maharaj (1892 to 1985), 10th President of the Ramakrishna Order.

While in meditation, we think about the transcendental aspect of God, but while doing work, we see God in everything in His immanent aspect. By practicing to see God in all, we can see Him in everything. That is the highest state.

We do various work in our life. What is the test to know that our ego is lessening or increasing? 

Through introspection. If somebody criticizes, you react and get angry at once; if somebody praises you, you feel elated. All that shows that your ego is still there. You are not able to do things with equanimity. If somebody comes and meddles in your work, you get upset.

Vijnan Maharaj once said: ‘If somebody tramples on your feet, just move aside and make room for him. Don’t push him and say, “why are you trampling on my feet?” Rather, move aside and make room for him.’ Similarly, in work too, it is like that. Somebody interferes and wants to take the credit for your work. Leave it to him. Let him do it since somehow work is being done. Whether you do it, he does it, or he gets the credit, doesn’t matter. In this way, by introspection, you shall detect what is wrong in you.

Whatever you do, the attitude is very important. If you don’t develop love for what you are doing, work will become mechanical and dry. You shall always feel disgruntled.

Source – Vedanta Kesari – September 2017