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Swami Akhandananda Quotes

A collection of quotes of Swami Akhandananda – a direct disciple of Sri Ramakrishna.

Without heart, everything else counts for nought. Unless the heart expands, nothing else will avail. Merely to continue sitting with the eyes shut will produce no fruit, it will not bring about God-realization. One’s heart must feel for others; one must identify oneself with the happiness and sorrows of others; then only will God be realized.

I do not cover earthly kingdom, or heaven, or even salvation. The only thing I desire is the removal of the miseries of the afflicted.

Let action come first, then will follow peacefulness; and lastly will come enlightenment.

The more you think of yourself alone, the smaller you grow, and the more you think of others as yourself, the bigger you become.

Does anybody care for you more than your Guru? The Guru’s love is even more than the mother’s.