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Story Of Goddess Usha Devi In Himachal Pradesh

Goddess Usha Devi is the consort of Surya Bhagavan, the Sun God in Hinduism. There is an interesting story of Usha Devi in Himachal Pradesh. Here she is the daughter of Banasur and sister of Sungra Maheshwar.

Legend has it that Usha Devi was once a gloriously beautiful apsara (heavenly damsel) in the court of Indra in heaven. Once, when the penance and tapas of a human being  threatened to empower Indra beyond control, the king of Devas sent Usha to distract the human being.

However the human being was a powerful ascetic. He was powerful enough to cast a spell that would make Usha Devi disappear at the rays of sun. And yet, her beauty was so powerful that just the merest glimpse of her, dawn after dawn, was enough to break the concentration of the ascetic. His tapasya failed and Indra was able to hold on to his position as king of Devas.

After this incident Usha Devi became the goddess of dawn in Hindu religion.