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Khandadeva – Scholar Of Bhatta School Of Purva Mimamsa

Khandadeva is a renowned scholar relating to the Bhatta School of Purva Mimamsa. Khandadeva revolutionized the methodology of interpretation. With the help of the rich technical and exegetical resources and dialectical terminology of Gangesha School of Navya Nyaya (Modern Logic), he gives a completely scholastic turn to his arguments and criticisms.

Bhatta Dipila, Bhatta Kaustubha, and Bhatta Rahasya are his three important works in regard to both language and treatment of the subject matter.

Bhatta Dipika is his magnum opus. Here he provides a new direction of approach to the subject. His definitions contain refutation of some theories given by Appayya Dikshita, another reputed scholar. His criticisms never display any bias. He calls Appayya Dikshita mimamsaka murdhanya, the crown of the Mimamsakas.

Bhatta Kaustubha elucidates the aphorisms of Jaimini on Mimamsa, though incomplete.

Bhatta Rahasya in a unique work, as it is totally devoted to the disquisition of the verbal knowledge arising out of Vedic and ordinary sentences according to the Mimamsa system of interpretation. It criticizes the views of logicians and grammarians of ancient India, but it is not a complete work.

He took to sannyasa (ascetic life) in his last days under the name of Sridharendra Yatindra and attained release in Benaras in 1666.

Bhatta Dipika was commented upon by his own disciple Sambhu Bhatta, and his work represents the new phase of Mimamsa corresponding to Parthasarathi Mishra’s Shastra Dipila representing the old phase. Bhatta Dipika is the widely-read work both for beginners and advanced students seeking knowledge of Mimamsa.