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Kachamkurissi Temple – History – Festival

Kachamkurissi Temple is located near Kollengode in Palakkad district, Kerala. The main deity worshipped. Bhagavan Vishnu worshipped in Thiru Kachamkurissi is venerated as Perumal. The murti in sreekovil or sanctum is the divine Chaturbahu Mahavishnu, holding Sankhu, Chakra, Gada and Padma. Bhagavan is seen, seated on the coils of Ananta, in Chakravarthy or emperor posture – just like Bhagavan Sri Rama at his Pattabhishekam. Thus Murti here is worshipped as both Maha Vishnu and Sri Rama.

The murti which is six feet tall is carved out of sacred wood. On the same pedestal, devotees can view through reflective mirrors images of Sridevi and Bhoodevi – consorts of Vishnu. Sculptures of devas, rishis and devotees can be seen all around.

There is also a smaller deity within the sreekovil, which is the Abhisheka Murti. There is also an Utsava Murti which is taken out in procession thrice a day during the Seeveli.

The puja in the temple is based on Sri Rama Sankalpam. There is also a Virat Purusha sankalpam here. The deity is also known as Venkatesha as he is the lord of Venkita Desam.

The outer walls of the Sreekovil are encircled by paintings based on the epic Ramayana.

The Upa Devatas worshipped in the temple are Sastha, Ganapathy, Shiva, and Subramania.

The main festival in the temple is held in Vaishakh month. The flag hoisting is held on the Atham Nakshatra in Vaishakh month and the festival ends with Arattu on Thiruvonam nakshatra day.

Kachamkurissi Temple History

Legend has it that Sage Kashyapa chose the place to meditate. He was an ardent devotee of Vishnu, and as a result of his penance, Bhagavan appeared before him here. Sage Kashyapa asked Bhagavan Vishnu to remain with him always, in the calm and idyllic surroundings of the land. Bhagavan accepted the invitation and stayed in the place. The murti of Bhagwan Vishnu in the temple was consecrated by Sage Kashyapa.

Through association with Kashyapa, the temple came to be known as Kachamkurissi, as derived from Kashyapan-Kurissi – the Hill of Kashyapa. To this day, the faithful revere the Sage’s invisible presence by praying at the Elanji Thara, prior to entering the temple.

Up the steep and precipitous hillock of Govindamala, where Kashyapa sat in penance, there is a faint imprint of footprints, indented with a Sanku (Holy Conch). It is believed to be the site where the Sage was granted vision by Bhagavan. Nearby, a mountain spring magically bubbles up with force and vigour when  devotees perform annual pilgrimage every January and stand before it and fervently chants Govinda!  

As per history, the temple belonged Kollengode king Venganattu Nambi, Cherukunnath mana and Cherampatta mana.

Kachamkurissi Temple Timings

Morning Darshan Time
Nada Thurakkal (Opening of Sanctum Sanctorum) – 5 AM
Nada Adakkyal (Closing of Sanctum Sanctorum) – 10:30 AM
Evening Darshan Time
Nada Thurakkal (Opening of Sanctum Sanctorum) – 5 PM
Nada Adakkyal (Closing of Sanctum Sanctorum) – 7:40 PM