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Hanuman Setu Temple In Lucknow Gets Letters From Devotees

Devotees write their wishes, desires, pains and troubles in letters to Hanuman at the Lucknow Hanuman Setu Temple in Uttar Pradesh. Devotees who have unflinching faith jot down their demands on a piece of paper and submitting it to Hanuman. Many devotees have had their wishes fulfilled.

All letters are considered personal and private, they are placed before Hanuman and later immersed in Gomati River. No one opens them to read the content.
The ritual was started by Neeb Karori Baba to help devotees who could not travel to the temple. But today even nearby people write letters to Hanuman.

The letters received by Hanuman increases manifold during Bada Mangal in Jyeshta month. 

Devotees give letters to Hanuman describing their wishes. The priest of the temple presents the letters to Hanuman for approval.

Hanuman devotees not only write letter to narrate their problems and seek its redressal only. Few pen down ‘thanks giving’' letters too. Devotees believe that prayers in form of letters directly go to Hanuman.

People drop their letters in the daan-patra.

Those who are unable to drop the letter into the daan-patra themselves take the help of courier services. Few letters also arrive through registered post and too from far flung areas 

This popular shrine in Lucknow was established by Neeb Karori Baba. It is located near the Lucknow University Campus. Maximum letters are received from students asking for jobs, passing exams etc.