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Glass Temple At Mathura – Vrindavan – Kanch Ka Mandir

Glass temple, also known as Kanch Ka Mandir, is located opposite to Gita Temple on Mathura – Vrindavan highway. The shrine is known as Glass temple because glass has been extensively used in the making of the temple.

At the entrance of the temple there is a beautiful murti of Bhagavan Sri Krishna lifting Govardhan Hill on the little finger of his left hand. The villagers of Braj are takes shelter under the divine Govardhan Mountain to protect themselves from the wrath of Indra, who had created torrential rains and thunder in Braj. The clay figures of Braj people are similar to the dolls seen during Navratri but are bigger in size.

The sanctum sanctorum of Vrindavan Glass Temple has murtis of Bhagavan Sri Krishna and Radha Rani.

Inside the temple there are five pillars on each side of the sanctum sanctorum. The interior of the temple is completely covered in glass including the pillars, walls and ceiling.