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Dreaming Of Shopping – Meaning

Dreaming of shopping is a good dream as per dream interpretation and meaning. The dream is a sign associated with desire fulfillment. Dreaming of shopping of new clothes means happy occasion in family like marriage or some important function. Dream of shopping of clothes also means change in personal life.

Dreaming of shopping for food means travel to distant places. It also means journey associated with job or as part of some function.

Dream of shopping for shoes means new job or interview. A person will get opportunity to take life to a new level after the dream.

Dreaming of shopping in a supermarket means unexpected functions in family. It also means scarcity or sudden problems in your area that you need to stock essentials.

Dreaming of shopping for baby clothes means marriage and news about pregnancy in family. It also means arrival of a healthy baby in the family.

Dreaming of shopping with boy friend or girl friend is early marriage. It also means you might be ready to take the relationship to next level.