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Dreaming Of Acquaintance – Meaning

The simple meaning of dreaming of acquaintance is that you will have your desires fulfilled or you will achieve success in your current endeavor. Dreaming of old acquaintance indicates early marriage.

Dreaming of acquaintance that has helped you in past means you will become friends with new people.

Dreaming of acquaintance and eating food together indicates get together or happy occasion in the family.

Dreaming of meeting acquaintance in a vehicle means you will be traveling to distant locations.

Dream of several acquaintance together means you will be spoilt for choices in life soon and you might not make the correct decision.

Dreaming of fighting with acquaintance means you will be cheated soon by someone who is showing sudden extreme love and care towards to you.

Dream of acquaintance that you do not like means you will need to be careful about all kinds of actions especially those that you are doing for others on their request.